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The Boosters are here to support our Athletic Programs and Athletic Director both financially and by advocacy.  Our mantra is to ensure “no sport gets left behind or feels marginalized!” 

What does the Sobrato Athletic Booster Club do?
The Boosters are here to support our Athletic Programs and Athletic Director both financially and by advocacy.  Our mantra is to ensure “no sport gets left behind or feels marginalized!” 

We do this thanks to our amazing Board of Directors and through all the support we receive from our parents, student athletes and the overall community.

What have we done in the past two years?
Fundraising / Programs:
  • Boosters provided full food concessions for the football and basketball programs during their seasons, which raised significant funds for all of our sports programs.
  • Upon request, Boosters also provided one-off food concessions for other sports teams.
  • For the first time, Boosters now provides merchandise/apparel “Stores” through Logo Locker so our parents and fans can purchase merchandise for their favorite teams.  Boosters also designs the majority of items in the “Stores.”
  • Boosters goes out in our community and solicits business sponsorships for our sports programs.  This too provides significant money that goes into our General Fund that is used to support all of our teams!
  • Boosters funds and manages the Block S Program.  This program provides the Block S’, specific sports insignias, academic chevrons, stars and certificates that our student athletes earn and put on their letterman jackets
  • Boosters purchases and/or reimburses all of our Coaches for the equipment bought using their Booster funds from their individual accounts.
  • Boosters purchases all BVAL, CCS and State Championship banners
  • Coaches Wishlist.  Boosters started this new program last year and it was highly successful.  Boosters provided almost $35,000.00 in sports equipment to the ten teams that requested items.  We also advocated for numerous capital projects the past two years.  Below is a list of items purchased from the Coaches Wishlist and projects completed with the assistance of the Sobrato Admin Team and especially our Superintendent and her Staff.
  • Boosters recently started a robust social media campaign that has almost 1000 followers between their Instagram and Twitter (X) accounts.  Boosters has also assisted coaches on setting up their own individual team social media accounts.

What’s next?
  • Boosters is partnering with the Sobrato Admin Team, the District Office and several Coaches to explore the building of a sports stadium on campus! 
  • Boosters is looking for a solution to our transportation needs within the Athletic Department.  Many schools in our area have access to passenger vans etc and we want to explore that option.
  • Boosters will continue to look at ways to improve our current fundraising efforts and potentially identify a signature yearly fundraising event that is sustainable
  • Boosters wants to expand our volunteer base and will continue to actively recruit new parents in order to have a viable succession plan when parents roll off the Board.

FY22-24 Boosters Projects

  • Boosters initiated the procurement for a new Deck Shot Clock that the District Office (DO) approved and purchased ($3600.00)

  • Boosters initiated the procurement for new anti-wave waterpolo  goals ($5000.00) that the DO approved and purchased

  • Boosters purchased new Caps  for the program - $900.00

Girls Volleyball

  • Boosters purchased:

    • Molten Setter Training Volleyball $32.95

    • Tandem VB Target Trainer $449.00

    • Flexbands / 5lbs Resistance $13.95 (10 total)


  • Boosters initiated a partial field renovation project that included:

    • Updated Dugouts by adding roofs and slats - $15,000.00

    • New infield grass installed that was donated by the Grass Farm

    • New left field fence, which allowed for a bullpen and batting cage to be installed behind it - $7500.00

    • Procured a new infield specific lawnmower - $3000.00

    • The aforementioned upgrades were all approved and purchased by the DO.

Soccer (Boys & Girls)

  • Boosters negotiated with the DO Finance Department to secure funds for field rental space at the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex.  Parents were previously fundraising to cover the cost of games and practices


  • Boosters initiated the procurement for the complete resurfacing of the tennis courts, which included new nets that the DO approved and paid for - $59,000.00

  • Boosters initiated the procurement for twice yearly cleaning of the newly resurfaced tennis courts by an outside vendor that the DO approved and paid for - $3000.00

  • Boosters purchased a Stationary Ball Hitting Platform - $200.00


  • Boosters initiated a District Office funded complete renovation of the softball field which included:

    • Brand new outfield grass that was donated by the Grass Farm

    • Updated dugouts with new roofs and slats

    • New outfield cyclone fence and foul poles that replaced the old portable mesh fencing

    • New dirt warning track


  • Boosters purchased a new 5 Man Tackling Sled for the program -  $5500.00

  • Boosters procured a Musco Lighting System thanks to a generous donation ($20,000.00) from a Bulldog family that allowed for a true Friday Night Lights experience for the football team.  The Sobrato Admin Team also released significant funds for the event ($7000.00).


  • Boosters purchased:

    • Two (2) Wilson EVO NXT Basketballs (Official Game Balls)

    • Two (2) Spalding TF-1000 Legacy Official Basketballs

    • Gave $1000.00 to the program to be used for a new Shooting Machine


  • Boosters initiated the procurement process for new stunt mats that the DO approved and purchased


  • Pool Covers (Booster initiated procurement that was purchased by the DO)

  • Windscreens (Booster initiated procurement that was purchased by the DO)

  • New Lettering and Logos on the pool windscreens - $7500.00 (Booster Club purchase)

Volleyball (Boys)

  • Boosters purchased ten Molten Premium Competition L2 Volleyballs for the program-  $450.00

Boys Golf

  • Boosters donated 10 hats so the team could complete their uniforms - $300.00

Sports Medicine

  • Boosters purchased a new Portable Training Table for Dr. Taylor in our Sports Medicine Department - $700.00

Thanks for taking the time to read this and Go Bulldogs!

Mike Sullivan - President
Sobrato Athletic Boosters Club 

401 Burnett Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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